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Angle #1 - click on image to view video.

For HIGH resolution version of the video (SLOW load, up to 10 minutes) - click here.

This is the first killing of the afternoon. The man in the foreground with the black backpack is 34-year-old Jesús Orlando Arellano, an anti-Chávez protestor who was at the head of the march when it reached Baralt Avenue. As you can see, he is shot by the pro-Chávez gunmen who are blocking the way to the presidential palace.


Angle #2 - click on image to view video.

For a HIGHER resolution version of the video (SLOWER load) - click here.

Notice the proximity of the march to the pro-Chávez crowd. This is the most well-documented killing; captured by several photographers and two camera crews (likely for the very reason that it was the first killing; none of the journalists were worried about being shot...yet).

Of course, the fact that the first fatality was caused by the pro-Chávez gunmen has tremendous implications for the ensuing coup. Now the government's narrative about a premeditated plan on the part of the opposition collapses. That is, the government cannot charge the opposition with placing gunmen at the head of the march to cause deaths to spark a coup.

The next killing would be that of Jorge Tortoza followed by the shooting of Malvina Pesate. To see that footage, click here.


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